Downloadable Resources

Downloadable Sample Syllabus
  • Downloadable syllabus
  • Contains all required information for a uOttawa syllabus
  • Contains fields to fill in with your information
Measuring Participation
  • Sample assignment description to use for measuring participation using LectureTools
  • Contains all the information on how to login to LectureTools, and a detailed FAQ
  • Dates and other details will need to be changed before use in your class

Valuable Links and Information

  • uOttawa online syllabus creator
  • Offered by the Teaching and Learning Support Service
Teaching and Learning Support Service Workshops
  • Workshops provided by the uOttawa TLSS
  • Wide variety of topics
Strategies for Teaching Large Undergraduate Classes – Hanover Institute
  • Practical strategies for teaching large undergraduate classes
  • Topics include: using technology in the large class, facilitating class discussions, effective organization and communication
Guide to Teaching Large Classes – University of Maryland
  • Approaches to teaching large classes
  • Topics include: establishing ground rules, making large classes ‘personal’, lecturing in the large class, encouraging discussion, giving feedback
Survival Handguide for Teaching Large Classes – UNC Charlotte
  • Question and answer on large-class teaching
  • Answers to questions like: how can I encourage attendance in my large class, how can I improve my lectures, and how can I use technology in the large class
Encouraging Active Learning in the Large Class – Merlot
  • Three case studies designed to illustrate methods to encourage active learning in the large class
  • Methods include: ConcepTests and cooperative learning groups
Team-Based Learning in the Large Class – Iowa State University
  • Team-based learning and how it can be used to improve large classes
  • Video resources on: interactive activities in the large class, managing discussion, and group quizzes

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